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Golden Paddle Trips

Open May 2023! Rent a SUP, kayak or canoe in Golden BC. Paddle the Columbia River and the Columbia Wetlands.

 Rent a Canoe, Kayak or Inflatable SUP in Golden, BC 

Golden Paddle Trips offers 3 great ways to paddle the Columbia River in Golden - Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard (I-SUP), Kayak or Canoe. Drop-ins to our rental office are always welcome but we recommend that you reserve in advance to avoid disappointment. Visit our Prices & FAQs page for details on how to book your paddle trip in Golden, BC.
Woman on paddleboard in Golden BC

Paddle An Inflatable  SUP

The cool new paddling experience.

Enjoy a peaceful wetlands paddle on our inflatable SUPs. Be watching for the many species of birds and other wildlife.

Stand Up Paddleboard Fun!

A great way to travel the Columbia River.

Our inflatable SUPs are very stable and easy to paddle. This is the fun way to take in the river & wetlands scenery.

Canoe the Wetlands

Everyone in the same boat.

Want to paddle together in the same craft? Rent a canoe. Explore many side channels and sloughs on the way.

Paddle A Unique BC Heritage Site

When you paddle down the Columbia River between Nicholson and Golden BC, you are actually moving through a vital and internationally recognized ecosystem - the Columbia River & Wetlands. The wetlands are part of a 15,070 hectare wetland of international importance located in the Columbia Valley of southeastern British Columbia. The wetlands are known to be the longest intact wetlands in North America. The river and associated wetlands form a vital support system for hundreds of species of migratory birds, fish, mammals and a variety of amphibious creatures.

The Columbia River itself is the largest river in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. It's source is Columbia Lake, 150 kilometers south of Golden. The river flows north to Golden through the Rocky Mountain Trench bordered on the east by the Rocky Mountains and to the West of the Golden area, the Purcell Mountains.

At the outlet of the Kicking Horse River at Golden, the mighty Columbia River turns slightly to the northwest and flows to Revelstoke, BC where it turns south and flows across the border into Washington State. It then turns west and flows on through Oregon finally emtying,  after a 2000km winding journey, into the Pacific Ocean at Astoria, Oregon. The Columbia River is a vitally important resource to Canada and the US and is subject to several bi-lateral agreements between the two countries managing among other things environmental factors, water flows and hydro-electric production. For example, the many hydro-electric dams along its length produce more hydro-electric power than any other river in North America. The human demands and dependance on this river are immense. When you paddle the Columbia River you are experiencing an international resource rich in significance and biodiversity. Respect!