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Prices & FAQs

The rental price is $75.00 per SUP. $100 per Canoe or $85 per Kayak.
- Price is per watercraft. No charge for extra passengers in a canoe.
- Payment is CASH only.

Ok, How do I make a reservation?
- To book your preferred date & time,
first call or text 250-272-0859 to check availability.
- Payment is required at time of booking to reserve your date, time & preferred equipment.
- Payment must be made via Bank Transfer to:
- Upon receipt of payment your reservation will be complete.

Note: Refunds will only be issued under these circumstances:
- If it is raining or there is a thunderstorm imminent upon arrival at your reserved time.
- If you provide 48 hours notice of cancellation.
(The above payment/refund policies are in response to problems we have had with no-shows and late arrivals. Thank you for your understanding.)

What equipment is provided?
- Inflatable paddleboard, kayak OR canoe.
- Lifejacket/PFD.
- Paddle(s), SUP Leash.

Are there age restrictions?
- Young children and early teens up to 16 years old require adult supervision.
- Minimum 16 years old without adult supervision.

You must bring:
- hat, sunscreen, water, snacks, sweatshirt or jacket.

How long does the trip take?
- The paddle to the end point takes about 2 hours.
- You are travelling downstream so you are moving with a mild current.
- Duration depends on wind direction and how much you paddle.

What time should I arrive?
- Departure times are at 10am or 2pm.
- For singles, couples and/or a small group (5 or less), please arrive 5 minutes prior to departure time. For larger groups (6 or more) arrival a half hour before departure time is recommended.

What about vehicle shuttle/retrieval at trip end?
- Simply phone the office (250-272-0859) when you reach your destination and our truck and trailer will pick you and all the gear up.

Furry Spectator

Dragonfly Passenger

Downstream We Go!

On your journey from Nicholson to Golden you will be paddling gracefully down the Columbia River through one of the largest intact stretches of wetlands in North America. The area is home to many species of birds, fish and mammals and it features unique vegetation as well as exceptional views of the Purcell and Rocky mountains.

Be aware that your presence in this sensitive wildlife habitat is potentially disturbing to the birds and other wildlife encountered en route. Please minimize this disturbance by using common sense. Travel quietly and do not approach wildlife. Keep your distance when viewing or taking photographs.